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About Bell Dental Studio

Who We Are, What We Stand for, and Why We Do What We Do

Bell Dental Studio continues to evolve and to grow and with that, we have refined how our practice defines itself, both for our staff and dentists, and in the way we help our patients.

As time goes on, we search for meaning in our lives and our work. Michael C Bell DDS has had the pleasure to have a wonderful career practicing the art and science of dentistry for 43 years and counting. While the world of dentistry has evolved to incorporate techniques and technology we could not have dreamed of many years ago, the core values that drive our personal and professional decisions have changed very little. This vision we have for our practice and how we care for our patients is our guiding light.

What is it like to be a patient with Dr. Bell?

Our Vision

We strive to be a premier dental practice that exceeds the expectations of even the most sophisticated patients by providing transformational experiences which open hearts, builds self-esteem, and establishes enduring relationships.

We succeed in this mission while having fun and maintaining a balance in our personal and professional lives. As the leader of the practice, Dr. Bell is the keeper of this vision, yet it is one that is shared by our entire office team.

Who is a sophisticated patient? One who has been to some really great dental offices and knows how they like to be treated. Much like how a fine dining connoisseur knows the difference between a good restaurant and an exceptional one, the sophisticated patient understands that outstanding service and atmosphere are key to excellent dental treatment.

What is a transformational experience? In dentistry, these are experiences that can change or challenge your assumptions and preconceptions of what a dental office is. Over time, these experiences will change your beliefs and values around dental care. A good example of this includes really being listened to and having an open dialogue to clarify and truly understand your concerns.

As mentioned, we approach these experiences with three main goals:

  • Opening hearts: In a healthcare setting, being heard and cared for in a real way can open your heart, even when this is becoming sadly less common in the rest of society.
    • Building self-esteem: When you leave our office, it is our desire to have you feel better about yourself than when you came in. There is no shame, no blame, and we accept you as you are. If you have one clean tooth, we celebrate the clean tooth, and will never harp on the fact that the rest are dirty. Our mantra is: “Look Good! Feel Great! Smile More!”
    • Building enduring relationships: This is the most fun part of our job! Our office is blessed to have served patients for many years, and keeping up with each other’s lives is really a gift. Many people who value long-term relationships with their healthcare provider value our service, since we are a relationship-based practice. Each of our team members were selected because of their desire to be personally invested in our patients, and our office culture allows the time and space to know how you prefer to be treated. This allows our entire staff to offer you excellent customized care.

    Our Purpose Statement

    With integrity and compassion, we provide individualized innovative dental care to the people who chose us.

    We strive to do our best every day to be consistent with our values and the value we bring to our patients’ lives by living our vision and purpose. To learn more, call our team at (512) 399-1115 today.

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    The Bell Dental Experience

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