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Our cosmetic dentistry services offer patients a unique treatment plan that fits your enhancement and aesthetic needs, including white fillings and tooth bonding. We strive on devoting our resources to give you a smile you can’t wait to show off. Constant dental visits are essential to maintain your oral health in good shape, especially when you want them to always look beautiful. Don’t let prolonged time or other fears prohibit you from getting on track to a beautiful smile, call us for consultation or stop by and see how we can aid you in your journey towards the perfect smile. 

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Pros and Cons to Tooth Bonding

Bonding can be a great fit for cosmetically closing spaces between teeth and for helping with gum recession

Here are some of the advantages to tooth bonding:

  • Can be done in one visit, with minimal tooth reduction
  • Many times, no anesthesia is necessary
  • Less expensive than laboratory-fabricated restorations
  • With proper layering of different colors and the translucency of bonding materials, the dentist can match tooth structure as well as (and sometimes better than) the dental laboratory

Common disadvantages to tooth bonding include:

  • Bonding is not able to stand up to heavy biting forces, so it tends to wear and break if used in the wrong situations.
  • Bonding dulls after time and must be re-polished, whereas porcelain (made in the dental laboratory) is much harder and does not lose its shine or
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What Are White Fillings?

Some call them white fillings, and some call them composite fillings, and they are an extremely effective and simple cosmetic enhancement. These fillings are bonded to the tooth structure, adding strength back to the tooth as well as sealing the interface between the filling and tooth. We use the rubber dam or the Isolite System for moisture control whenever possible and are very meticulous about our bonding and curing protocol.

Durability of Composite Fillings: What to Expect

Typically, the lifespan of a white filling depends on how large the restoration is compared to the tooth size (smaller ones last longer), as well as the individual patient’s diet and personal care regimen. You should expect them to last about seven to 14 years on average. We have placed many white fillings that were placed with older bonding technology and composite (which doesn’t possess the strength and durability of today’s materials) that are well over 24 years old and still working well.

Typical Lifespan of White Dental Fillings

Although the lasting treatment of fillings can vary, common durations include:

  • Some Last 7 Years
  • Most white fillings last at least this long.
  • Some last 14 years
  • It’s very common for them to last 14 years.
  • Some last 24 years
  • Yes, we have a patient who has had white fillings that lasted more than 24 years!

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