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Your toothpaste might be lying to you

ToothpasteLong ago, marketers for brown sugar learned a neat little bit of information that allowed them to sell a lot of brown sugar: Most people tended to believe that brown sugar was healthier than white sugar. But of course, it’s not. This misconception likely stemmed from the fact that certain products in their raw or natural or unbleached form were better than their more processed alternatives.

Toothpaste marketers are tricky too

Standard tap water has the same amount of fluoride, ounce for ounce, as “fluoride toothpaste.” But toothpaste marketers have conditioned us to think that if we don’t use a brand that promotes fluoride, we are missing out.

Yep, bacon-flavored toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste used to be easy because there were only a handful of brands. You either picked Crest or Colgate, or perhaps you used baking soda. Today you know how confusing it can be to walk down the toothpaste aisle. You have to consider features such as special whiteners, tarter control, breath fresheners, fluoride, antibacterial, and more. And yes, there is bacon-flavored toothpaste.

How do you choose?

Everyone has different needs. Some people have sensitive teeth and gums, for example. And some have a unique body chemistry that might make them more prone to tarter or breath issues. To get a great toothpaste recommendation, we recommend that you contact us. We can evaluate your unique needs and give you a toothpaste recommendation that’s a perfect fit.

What toothpaste is a good fit for you?

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