What “Wearing Braces Memories” Do YOU Have? Here Are Ours!

Braces StoryBRACES! OUR TEAM MEMBERS BELOW REMEMBER GETTING THEM. They remember the regular appointments. And, they remember getting them off!

As we collected their answers, there was one common thread running through every person’s experience… “It was worth it!”

We Asked Team Members…

  • “Do you recall a funny (or embarrassing) ‘wearing braces’ experience?”
  • “Was there a food you ‘missed most’ during your ortho treatment?”
  • “For you, what was the ‘hardest part’?”
  • “What was the first thing you ate when your braces came off?”

Here Are Their Answers:

Amanda :

  • When I had a palatal expander I would always get food caught under it every time I ate. I would have to make this awful sucking noise to clean it our, pretty embarrassing.
  • Laffy Taffy
  • wearing rubber band was the hardest part.
  • A ton of sticky candy!


  • I just remember I wanted them off for my senior pictures and I did get them off, but later I had to wear them again after I got married.
  • Popcorn
  • keeping them clean
  • popcorn


  • I had braces on so long I got married in them and had my first baby still wearing braces!
  • I was a bad patient , I ate everything, but I would break brackets and have to go in a lot for repairs!
  • Keeping them clean, and still having to have jaw surgery after almost 5 years!
  • I ate everything , I was just glad to be able to brush and floss good!

Lou Ann:

  • I had to have braces 3 times, Thank God for Dr Rouch and I did not have to have jaw surgery!
  • tortillas food always stuck to my brackets
  • coming to terms with that even though my teeth were straight , I needed braces again!
  • corn on the cob

Dr. Bell:

  • I was having a nice dinner at Pecan Street Cafe with my wife at the time… we were splitting an order of blueberry crepes. I said something witty (I thought) and smiled my wife started laughing hysterically. I kept asking her what was so funny? She kept laughing every time I talked . Finally she told me to go look at my teeth in the bathroom ( while laughing ) I went to the restroom and had soft blueberries in every wire and bracket! I looked so bad I started laughing too!
  • popcorn and peanuts!
  • people telling me my teeth were not that bad and why was I getting braces at my age?
  • Popcorn

Now, We Want To Hear From YOU! Our Patients!

In the comments section below, please answer one or more of the questions listed above.

If You’re Currently Wearing Braces…

  • “Is there a food you’re ‘missing most’ right this minute?”
  • “What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when your braces came off?”

Thanks for being a valued part or our practice. We love having you as our patient and friend.