This Father’s Day, We’re Saying Thank You!

THIS FATHER’S DAY is a chance for us to express appreciation for those men in our lives who have supported us, taught us, and helped us to grow. For catching us when we fall, for making us laugh when we’re down… Thanks, Dad.

We Asked Our Whole Team To Share

In this blog post, we invited everyone on our team to share. We asked each of them, “Do you have a favorite memory about your father, or a thought you’d like to share?” Here are their responses!

From Dr Bell:

“My father Earl Bell was a wonderful man, favorite memory is how much love and respect he and my mother, Jeanne, had for each other. My Dad and Mom gave lots of ‘space’ to each other let them be themselves. My parents did not ‘should’ on one another. Dad also was an incredible joke teller and could summon jokes on any subject, any time and he could make people laugh! Earl passed the day before his 73rd Birthday and I think of him virtually everyday.”

From Dr Lossing:

My dad is one of the hardest working and goofiest people I have ever met. He passed on the value of getting a job done right, but not being afraid to laugh at yourself. He is also a movie-quoting, grill-mastering, wake-surfing, proud Ohio State Buckeye!”

From Amanda:

“I love my Dad because he is super laid back and a good listener. My favorite memories are being on my dad’s boat and him whipping us around on the tube trying to make us fall off. We love being on the water!”

From Lou Ann:

“My favorite thing was growing up in Colorado, it was cold and my dad would go Elk hunting, but no matter how bad the weather was he would always get back in time to take me and my brother trick or treating for Halloween!”

From Theresa:

“My Dad was someone I looked up to and he was a great role model. Dad taught me and my children how to work hard and be responsible. He always went out of his way for others without expecting anything in return. He taught that if you do the right thing then it always comes back to you in good ways.

From Sarah:

My Dad had a dream, he wanted to build his own sail boat! He not only built it (in our driveway) but it was a 60 foot, ferro cement schooner! It took him about 10 years working on it after work and on weekends. He did sail to to the Bahamas and lived there for several years, when his wife became ill he donated it to the Boy Scouts.”

From Brittany:

So this one time when my Dad and I were working on my truck… I was sitting in the driver’s seat, he was looking under the hood. Then all of the sudden the truck just started rolling out of the driveway! Now mind you, I am 15, this is a STEEP driveway, and my truck wasn’t (obviously) ready to be driven. So as I am rolling backwards I see my poor Dad’s face as he is running after me! Shock and Horror! Long story short I wrecked my truck into the neighbors car before I ever actually drove it.”

From Diana:

“I can blame/credit my Dad for my love of coffee. When I was in Junior High I had to be at school early for athletics. I woke up early and would sit at the table and drink a cup of coffee with my Dad before I walked across the street to school. I continued that everyday with him until I was off to college and then I married.”

From Drew:

A great memory I have of my Dad is when we made my first set of golf clubs when I was about 11 or 12. I remember us going to Golfsmith, picking up the club heads, shafts, and grips. Then we came to the office and spent hours assembling my new set of Harvey Penick golf clubs. Thanks for getting me started in such a great game Dad. Happy Fathers Day!!”

How About You?

Is there something about your own father that you would like to share? Comment below. We love to hear from you!

And to all the fathers out there… Happy Father’s Day! We appreciate you.

Top image by Flickr user Jenn Durfey used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.