Understanding Sugar Sensitivity in Teeth

When your teeth don’t have the right amount of enamel on them, they become more sensitive to outside factors. Most people are familiar with sensitivities to hot and cold, sometimes extending all the way out to just breathing in the wrong temperature of air. However, there are more types of sensitivities than just those. Your teeth can actually become sensitive to things like sour or bitter, and sweets, too. If your teeth hurt after eating something sugary, you need to go in and get them checked out by your dentist.

How Tooth Sensitivity Can Happen

Acids wear down the enamel of your teeth. This can also happen from drinking acidic beverages like sports drinks, eating acidic foods like tomatoes, and from not caring for your teeth properly by brushing too hard. When your teeth loose enamel, more holes open up, exposing the dentin that lives beneath that hard shell exterior. When you consume something from there, you end up putting that substance right up against the dentin living beneath the enamel.

Dentin likes being covered and protected. It isn’t happy when exposed to extremes, including sugar. Now, you can allow your teeth to continue to be in pain and simply cut sugar out of your life, or you can go in and see your dentist. We recommend the latter. Once your dentist sees what is going on with your teeth, they can help you come up with a treatment plan to help protect your teeth from things like sugar sensitivity, while also helping them remain healthy and strong.

Reach out to your dentist when your teeth ache after eating a sweet treat. It’s never good to live in pain, so let us help. Contact our office today, explain what is going on, and see how early they’ll be able to see you and provide you relief!