Oral Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water on a Daily Basis

For those who are particularly conscious about their oral health, it is always good to be aware of new things that could help to boost the strength of one’s teeth and gums. In recent years, coconut water has started trending and many people will swear by the health benefits that it provides.

All in all, coconut water is just water with a little bit of coconut infused. However, there are a couple of benefits that it can have on your teeth and gums.

A Replacement for Electrolyte Drinks

There are a lot of energy drinks out there nowadays that are designed to replace electrolytes. A lot of these drinks, however, also have acids and sugars in them, which can be very damaging to the teeth. For those who exercise regularly, just drinking plain water will not be enough to help replenish the body’s resources. This is not helped by the fact that a lot of the ingredients in them tend to be artificial.

Replacing these kinds of beverages with coconut water can help to decrease the level of acidity in your mouth, especially if you are someone who tends to drink a lot of soft drinks. However, acidity levels are still rather high and therefore you should keep an eye on your daily intake.

A lot of commercially available coconut water also tends to have added sugars, so it is a good idea to look at the brands that you are buying. Drinking it on a daily basis can be hugely beneficial, even for your teeth, however make sure to limit your intake.

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