How Common Are Cavities When You Have Braces

When you have braces, you find that they can be somewhat uncomfortable, but they’re being done so you have a straighter, healthier smile. When this happens, you can ensure that you’re working with the best dentist out there.

Our office knows how important taking care of your teeth are when it comes to having braces. You want to make sure that cavities do not form in the process. This is because they are quite common for those that have braces.

Braces and Cavities

Since braces cover a lot of area of the teeth, it is harder to get in between and inside them. This is due to the toothbrush not having the proper head to fit in between these smaller spaces. You want to make sure that you brush really well, but sometimes the teeth can still have decay on them.

Braces are a cause for a lot of cavities in teens. When the mouth is not properly taken care of, you will note that you have a lot more cavities than usual. It is also why it is recommended that those with braces stay away from sugary, sticky and other cavity causing foods. These can create worse cavities in the end.

It is essential that the person with braces know how to properly brush their teeth. This is because they have to reduce the number of cavities that they get while wearing them by properly brushing in all of the right places throughout the mouth. The orthodontist will show you how.

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