Lifestyle Factors That May Increase Your Risk of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer, while usually highly treatable, can be a serious or even life-threatening condition. Although we do our best to closely screen all of our patients and catch developing oral cancer when it is still in its early stage, we are not able to do everything without your help.

That is to say, there are things that you can do—or, more accurately, things that you can avoid doing—that will affect your chances of developing oral cancer.

Simply put, there are certain lifestyle choices that can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. Here is more information on a few of the most dangerous lifestyle factors.

Tobacco Use

Given the huge amount of negative publicity surrounding tobacco use, it probably comes as no surprise to you to learn that tobacco use can contribute to the development of oral cancer. If you smoke—even if you are not a heavy smoker—you expose your body to literally thousands and thousands of carcinogenic substances.

Some of these substances go into your lungs and cause problems there, such as emphysema and lung cancer. Others can go into your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body, causing problems far and wide. Yet others remain in the mouth, interacting with your oral tissues and increasing the likelihood of developing oral cancer.

Likewise, using smokeless tobacco greatly increases your chance of developing oral cancer. When you hold the tobacco between your cheek and gum, it releases many dangerous substances. Some of these are absorbed into your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body; however, many of them remain in the mouth and cause problems there.

For Your Health, Stop Using Tobacco

If you use tobacco, you need to make a serious effort to cut back or even eliminate it from your life. Doing so will greatly decrease your risk of oral cancer.

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