The Link Between Valentine’s Day and Your Dental Health – It’s a Date!

Perfect Smile Valentine DayDid you know February, the month associated with romancing our partners with dinner dates, diamond rings, roses and chocolate also happens to be Dental Health Awareness Month

You may be surprised to know there is a link between the two! Our hearts and bodies require a holistic approach to health to maintain the integrity of our relationships, as well as to help us live fuller and longer lives! 

There is also a surprising link between oral health and erectile dysfunction (ED) of which you may not be aware! Before you take a drastic (and sometimes unsafe) approach to keep the romance alive, consider prioritizing your dental health this year! 

Not only will your kisses be fresher, your performance may improve!

While you may have already heard issues like gum disease can increase risks for serious health problems including heart attack, kidney failure, pancreatic cancer, and dementia, did you also know certain medications can have adverse effects on our oral health? 

If like most people you’re living a busy life and taking any of the medications on this list, you may wish for a magic pill to address your oral health and save time for more dinner dates! 

Having been in the business for 42 years, I prioritize preventive care and always take a holistic approach. After all, a healthy mouth is the gateway to overall health.

We hope you allow us the privilege of honoring your relationship with your own healthy mind and body by putting us in charge of your oral health – it truly has a domino effect on so many other areas of your life!

As you can clearly see, a Comprehensive Dental Exam is as important as your annual Physical and your Valentine’s sweetheart!