Why Should I Choose Dr. Bell as My Austin Dentist?

Bell Team

With over 43 years’ worth of experience, professional care and the positive testimonials to prove it, Dr. Bell is the easy choice for your Austin Dentist.

Have you ever discovered an off-the-beaten path vacation spot so perfect you might have dreamed it? Maybe you stumbled upon a coffee shop where they made your drink perfectly and you became fast friends with the baristas? Perhaps you dined at a new restaurant whose food transported you back to your favorite homecooked meal? Have you ever been welcomed into a friend’s home and immediately felt like part of the family?

Those feelings of belonging and connection are the centerpiece of Dr. Bell’s dental office. It’s a feeling around which he has built his practice, why the staff love coming to work each day, what keeps patients returning for years (sometimes 30+) and has them referring friends and family. 

Maybe you’re in the market for a new dentist because you recently moved to Austin, you have new coverage, or you’re simply looking to make a change in your provider. Finding a dentist is about finding someone you like and trust. The practice you choose should feel like home and offer one convenient location for your dental health. You should feel welcomed, comfortable, and be greeted by name as you walk in the door. The dentist’s office should be convenient to your home or work and should offer personalized care for your unique needs.

According to several recent studies, most people are more concerned about convenient location (62%) and friendly office staff (56%) than success rates (22%) of their chosen dentist. In fact, some of the top reasons people choose a dentist include:

– Acceptance of insurance plan (72% to 83%)
– Doctor’s office location (57% to 69%)
– Bedside manner/empathy (60%)
– How long it takes to get an appointment (47%)
– Convenient office hours (43%)
– Practice specialty (38%)

 Why Should YOU Choose Dr. Bell as Your Austin Dentist?

LOCATION: Dr. Bell’s office is well located on the border of West Lake and Downtown Austin.

HIGH STANDARDS: Dr. Bell offers the latest dental technology.

PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE: the gentlest bedside manners.

EASY BOOKING: Dr. Bell and his team make booking an appointment easy and efficient.

Give his office a call today!